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TurnedOn – Sexplorationsgruppe




TurnedOn is a talk and body work group for curious adults wanting to explore the tidal waves of sexuality and relationship dynamics in their life.

Playfight – Potsdam


Three strict rules and personally set limits. Is it just about fighting or is something else happening? Is it about winning or losing or what’s in between? Experience yourself in an intense contact with your counterpart.

TurnedOn – Intimacy

10. – 11.06.2023

Intimacy – a big word, a word that contains (secret) wishes and needs. Everyone wants intimacy in life. But what does that acutally means?

Does intimacy have the same meaning for everyone? Is intimacy only physical (sex, caressing, kissing)? Does „one“ have intimacy only within a partnership? Or can intimacy be just a short fleeting moment? Maybe you had an intense eye contact with a complete stranger in the subway and then the moment was gone?

Lebe deine Lust!